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Indian Passport Agents offer counsular services such as attestation of documents in the UK, USA, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Canada, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Kuwait, Mauritius, Oman, Qatar, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, France, Bahrain, Netherlands, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Philippines, Indonesia and Kenya and rest of the world.

We are an Indian passports agents who offer professional helps in terms of document attestation for Indian visa, OCI Cards and any matter related to India. These services are offered by Indian high commission by VFS, but our agents can help you with these process simply and easily.

Documents such as Birth/Death/Marriage/Educational Certificates etc has to be Apostille or in simple term has to be issued and certified by the government of India in India before travelling to UK or any other countries who are members of The Hague ‘Apostille’Convention 1961.

If you live in the UK and should you require Attestation of Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage and Educational Certificates to be issued by foreign governments we can get it legalized and notarized by the (FCO) at an additional cost to be discussed on individual cases.

Fees will depends on each individual cases and circumstances, so please call us should you require our services and our agents will assist you with any clarification you might require. Our services include preparation of documents, arrangement for police verifications, document resizing, appointments, filling out forms, declarations and annexure. Processing time can differ from case to case basis, but usually it takes 4 to 5 working days, holidays not included. Once approved your documents will be delivered by post but should you require a secure courier service you can get it from VFS application centres.

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